CookiePie 1.0.5 (AKA ChocoTorta)

Currently unsupported (mainly in new Firefox & Gmail versions). Working on a more stable Google Chrome contribution. Firefox Extension (also runs on Flock/GNU IceWeasel) [[[Authors: Sebastian Wain & Mauro Asprea.]]] [[[Contributors: Jeff Doozan, Danial Horton, bkenelly.]]]

What is CookiePie?

CookiePie is a Firefox®/Flock®/GNU IceWeasel extension that enables you to maintain different cookies storage in different tabs and windows.

Nektra's Cookiepie Firefox extension

Where did the idea come from?

We needed to use it internally at Nektra, and finally we decided to publish it for the community.

What does CookiePie mean for the end user?

It means that you can open multiple GMail/Yahoo Mail/Hotmail accounts in different tabs and windows simultaneously.

What does CookiePie mean for web developers?

Developers working on Web Software supporting multiple users or profiles can use CookiePie to simultaneously test their software with each user without needing to open a different browser.

How was CookiePie made?

An initial look at the Firefox® extensions capabilities made us think that this extension was almost impossible to do. One of the limitations was the unconnected parts between http transactions and the UI, being difficult to correlate an UI to a specific http request/response, specially when AJAX/XmlHttpRequest (i.e: GMail) is involved. The work involved mainly short term research and the effort to push Firefox® capabilities to the extreme, knowing nothing about Mozilla®'s Extensions at the beginning of development.

Which are the current known limitations?

Gecko 1.8.1 has some implementation errors: Firefox® stores cookies, but our http observer changes the response header. This means that the common cookies are changed in the Firefox® extensions for every transaction on each tab. The reordering of different tabs is breaking tabs with GMail accounts opened. GMail has added, after we finished this extension, an alert we hope to repair, to make GMail unaware about other connections in other tabs or windows. User may experience problems with other Firefox extensions (e.g.: Tab Mix Plus).

Configuration options:

  • CookiePie enabled by default.
  • Cookies inheritance checkbox: If a user opens a new tab/window from a CookiePie tab, the new opened tab would inherit the cookie container.
  • Cookie pipeline handling: To choose which cookies need to be individualized and which cookies need to be used from the Firefox container.
  • Persist/Save/Load tabs with cookies.

Which platforms are supported?

It runs on Windows® and Linux.


Thank you for the help of our Plugin Development team and the support of Nektra the best Custom Software Development Company.