NKT WAB Overview

Nektra WAB is a component that lets you access the Windows Address Book from any language that supports ActiveX. It can help you develop any contact oriented and social network applications faster and with a better programming interface. After researching for a long time we were able to release NKTWAB V2.0, that adds folders and groups support to the SDK. This component is the younger brother of OEAPI and has become a powerful programming tool. NKTWAB is free software distributed under the GNU's Lesser General Public License terms that can be used for any purpose.


NKT WAB lets you access WAB objects from any language. All functionality is implemented in COM. A demo application written in Visual Basic is included in the package. Outlook style object interface. Contacts
Browse contacts. Add / Remove contacts. Modify contacts. Groups
Browse folders. Add / Remove groups. Add / Remove contacts to / from a group. Folders
Browse folders. Add / Remove folders. Add / Remove contacts to / from a folder. Add / Remove groups to / from a folder.


NKT WAB with Demo application included Download NKT WAB v2.0.1 for W98 Download NKT WAB v2.1.0 for Windows® NT, 2000, XP and Vista (Works on Vista's 32 and 64 bit versions, but does not support folder creation on them.)
To use the Demo application you have to install this modules. NKT WAB's Source Code is released under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License

NKT WAB Documentation

To see a complete description of the ActiveX interfaces refer to NKT WAB Documentation