Save Procmon logs to use in SpyStudio

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Saving Procmon logs

Add useful columns to trace view

To change visible columns right click on list view header and click on 'Select Columns'. I suggest adding 'Thread ID' and 'Duration' since they exist in SpyStudio and they will appear blank if not set.

Save Process Monitor log

In order to use logs in SpyStudio you should store them in XML format. If you want to use Stack trace information check it. Also, you can uncheck 'Also include profiling events' to reduce the amount of events.

TIP: if you will use the log several times, it's convenient to save the log in .spy format to load it fast.

Stack Trace (optional)

If you check 'Include stack traces'  you will get stack information in SpyStudio but it will take more time to save and import the log.