SpyStudio Changelog

Changes on version (17-Nov-2015)

  • Added clipboard functions and some driver communication functions.
  • Added Drag & Drop functions.
  • FIX: New Process Monitor functions didn't work in Compare Traces.
  • FIX: ThinApp template definitions were crashing.
  • FIX: Form Compare: Cancel button wasn't working.
  • FIX: Stack trace wasn't working on compare dialog.
  • Several fix fixes.
Changes on version (22-Apr-2015)
  • SpyStudio is now Freeware.
  • Fixed several minor bugs.
  • Fixed some compare issues.
  • Implemented template system to create application packages.

Changes on version (31-Jul-2014)

  • General performance improved.
  • Compare logs' memory consumption reduced around 60%.
  • VIrtual Applications Update: any application even those created without SpyStudio can be updated directly from the base with a simple wizard.
  • DotNet Capture: SpyStudio can now troubleshoot .NET applications: it logs exceptions, assembly loads, object creation and much more.
  • New 'Relevance' column showing event priority.
  • FIX: Hang when shutting down.
  • FIX: Capturing Internet Explorer 11 wasn't working.
  • FIX: AutoSizeColumn on Trace Tree only iterates visible nodes making it very fast.

Changes on version (10-Jun-2014)

  • Windows 8 / 8.1: Fixed some issues intercepting applications.
  • Events are processed faster now (about 50%) reducing the time it takes to show events in the UI.
  • Compare Traces: File System tab groups events in a different way showing more matches than before.
  • Compare Traces: Windows and COM tabs show mismatches now.
  • FIX: Some times processing event count wasn't reaching zero.
  • Package Creation: FIX NullReferenceException on XP.
  • ThinApp: some applications packaged with ThinApp were generating a dead lock.

Changes on version (13-May-2014)

    • Event Summary: Don't lose your time looking for critical events. SpyStudio provides a vertical scrollbar showing trace summary on the left of Trace tab.
    • Compare traces has a summary of matches on the left side like text compare products.
    • Export wizard now saves user changes.
    • License Key can be saved in SpyStudio's directory to automatic register it (use .key extension).
    • Properties dialog: double click or Enter on an event 'GoTo' Trace event.
    • Events are classified to show in strong colors those that are important.
    • Export to Symantec Workspace Virtualization fixed.
    • FIX: Memory usage optimized.
    • FIX: ThinApped Apps could have some problems with the embedded manifests (e.g.: MS Access).
    • FIX: Double click on Trace was opening properties dialog even when the click was in an empty area or on the header.
    • FIX: After clearing events Trace control could have some problems in 'Go To event'.
    • FIX: After clearing events Trace control could show incorrect scrollbar position.
    • FIX: File System tree wasn't showing first level expanded.
    • FIX: Memory leak after FormDeviareCompare close.
    • FIX: SpyStudio bug in Deviare agent can caused objects leak.
    • FIX: SpyStudio was sometimes losing events on application termination.

    Changes on version (19-Feb-2014)

    • New "Expand Errors" function lets you expand all error nodes in the File System and Registry tree.
    • Properties dialog now displays almost instantly (even with lots of events) and uses a small amount of memory.
    • Double click on any node opens Properties dialog.
    • Export: New "Import Key" and "Import Directory" functions allow the user to add keys, directories and files from the O.S. to a ThinnApp package.
    • Export: Easy Runtime dependencies insertion to the package.
    • Smart file and registry auto-selection and auto-import.
    • Free version can now compare and Export up to 2000 events.
    • FIX: LoadLibrary's stack trace wasn't working on x64 environments.
    • FIX: Find dialog was working only sometimes on trace tab.
    • FIX: Crash when an intercepted process tryed to access some weird registry invalid paths.
    • FIX: Corrected some errors loading XML logs.
    • FIX: Crash when hooking and then unhooking Services.exe.
    • Deadlock: sometimes hooking a process would cause a deadlock.

    Changes on version (8-Jan-2014)

    • Capture speed improved (about 35%).
    • Package speed improved (over 50%).
    • Memory manager redesign enables SpyStudio to capture millions of events.
    • More applications can be packaged with the Application Harvesting feature (no installation required).
    • Item properties now available in free version.

    Changes on version (18-Nov-2013)

    • FIX: Some fixes in FindResource / LoadResource handlers. Sometimes, they weren't able to get loaded module.
    • Performance improvements.
    • Properties in Values now works.
    • Added Show in Files / Registry / Windows / Com context menu item in trace control.
    • Compare: lot of improvements and fixes matching events.
    • Compare: some improvements to match ThinApp applications better.
    • FIX: Compare Registry: some keys had incorrect result in trace 2.
    • Asynchronous handlers now available in free version.

    Changes on version (7-Nov-2013)

    • FIX: Several fixes and performance improvements around harvesting feature.
    • Performance improvements when applying filters or loading logs.
    • FIX: Some Window creation times were incorrect in async.
    • FIX: SpyStudio wasn't working when executed from a shared folder.
    • FIX: On XP sometimes events are not shown even when processes are hooked.
    • Database: Reduced space and improved performance.

    Changes on version (1-Nov-2013)

    • Feature: Improved performance of export dialog.
    • Feature: Added better automatic algorithm for export dialog.
    • Feature: Added simple and custom mode to chose files and registry keys.
    • FIX: Corrected some crashes, wrong paths, errors accessing some files, and general bugs in export dialog.

    Changes on version (24-Oct-2013)

    • Feature: Event database stores CallEvents in Sqlite database saving memory.
    • FIX: Filezilla was crashing using Quick Connect feature. NtSetFileInformation function was generating a exception when used for named pipes.
    • FIX: Crash closing hooked application.
    • FIX: In different situations the Log compare was failing.
    • FIX: Compare registry values didn't have Type information.
    • FIX: Remove unused memory after capturing an application.
    • FIX: ProcMon logs were not loading.
    • FIX: Registry tab in Compare dialog: Registry tab wasn't showing RegEnumerate
    • FIX: Lots of failing RegQueryValue and RegEnumerateKey events were not compared and not shown in the registry tab.
    • FIX: Registry tab in Compare dialog: Properties wasn't showing only matched events of the second file.
    • FIX: Ole32.CoGetClassObject wasn't added to the Com tab.
    • Feature: Big capture performance improvement. Capture time was reduced between 50% and 60%.
    • Feature: Ability to harvest applications directly from the operating system without installation media.
    • Feature: Ability to harvest applications executing an installer.
    • Feature: Export log data to VMware ThinApp.

    Changes on version 2.6.0

    • FIX: Compare: missing class redirection. Different queries to different places that are trying to get the same class information should be merged in the same HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT path.
    • FIX: AutoSize wasn't working on Tree controls.
    • Removed tree lines and changed UI.
    • FIX: Auto search wasn't working as expected.
    • FIX: Some crashes.
    • Feature: Merge Wow registry paths.
    • Feature: Merge COM classes registry paths.
    • Feature: added Show startup modules and Hide Query attributes options in Compare dialog
    • Feature: Copy and Select All working on Properties dialogs.
    • UI: TreeViewAdv: Headers now look like MS TreeView
    • UI: TreeViewAdv.BorderStyle now is FixedSingle for all controls.
    • FIX: ThinApp support on Compare dialog.
    • Feature: Export dialog: Several fixes and new features for Symantec Workspace Virtualization.
    • Feature: Export dialog: full support for shortcuts.
    • Feature: Export dialog: full support for local files.
    • Feature: Export Dialog: Added Isolation Rules.
    • Feature: Export Dialog: Added load and save from template.
    • Feature: Export Wizard: Added Load Ldf files.
    • FIX: Export Wizard: several errors and crashes.
    • Removed file system events of type C:
    • Find on Registry tree wasn't working on values
    • Added NtDeviceIoControlFile hook
    • QueryDirectory operation wasn't getting file properties if Hide QueryAttributes was set
    • Added RegQueryKey to the Registry tree

    Changes on version 2.5.2

    Released in April of 2013
    • Feature: Go to trace from Properties dialog.
    • Feature: Merge Wow paths and Show Virtual paths.
    • Feature: Added QueryDirectory function.
    • Feature: ExecutionProperties dialog lets you execute an application with parameters and a specific user.
    • Fix: RegQueryMultipleValues now working.
    • Fix: some icons were missing in files which access was only Attributes.
    • Fix: several matching errors in Compare Dialog.
    • Fix: some exception in Properties dialog.

    Changes on version 2.5.1

    Released in February of 2013
    • "Properties" right-click option working for Compare dialog (preliminary version).
    • Minor fixes.

    Changes on version 2.5.0

    Released in February of 2013
    • Fixed issue in which registry entries were not be correctly displayed under Windows XP.
    • Fixed ProcMon loader.
    • Now File System and Registry tabs entries do not collapse when receiving new data.
    • Incremental search working in File Sytem and Registry tabs.
    • Improved registry usage monitoring performance.
    • Fixed some memory leaks.
    • New feature: Export to .reg file.
    • Fixed File System tab visualization options.
    • The Compare dialog no longer generates an exception when closed.
    • Improved log load time (~%50).
    • Added option to monitor environment variables.
    • Fixed filtering before compare.
    • Now Find function can find not visible items.
    • Fixed "Expand all differences" function.
    • Added "Show Layer Paths" and "Hide Query Attributes" view options.
    • Added entry properties visualizer for all tabs.
    • Fixed bug which would cause erroneously unmatched entries in the Compare dialog.
    • Known issue: "Properties" right-click option not working for Compare dialog entries (yet!).

    Changes on version 2.4.0

    Released in January of 2013
    • File System and Registry are intercepted at ntdll level.
    • Added all available Registry and File System functions.
    • File System view mode: Tree and Flat.
    • Fixed Swv Export Wizzard.
    • Added different statistics to help driver writers.
    • Compare statistics.
    • File System tree can sort by version
    • Important performance improvements.

    Changes on version 2.3.0

    Released in October of 2012
    • New feature: Support for loading and comparing Process Monitor logs.
    • New feature: "Find" function for all monitoring categories.
    • New feature: Processes execution with parameters.
    • New monitoring categories.
    • Fixed issues related to registry paths not being correctly displayed.
    • Several bug fixes.

    Changes on version 2.0.0

    Released in June of 2012
    • Complete new application oriented to trace applications.
    • Compare traces.
    • Filter events in different ways.
    • Stack trace information.
    • Find dialog.

    Changes on version 1.0.1

    Re-released on July of 2008
    • Fixed: SpyStudio had a wrong version number internally, autoupdate was triggered on an infinite loop.
    • Fixed: Incorrect runtime dependency made SpyStudio crash on Vista.

    Changes from version 1.0.0b to 1.0.1

    Released on June of 2008
    • Fixed: Members of pointers to structs were not displayed in the output.
    • Performance: Improved for Python scripts output.
    • Scripts Feature: DStackTrace object lets you inspect the stack in a call.
    • Fixed: Copy to clipboard from output window was truncating large strings and it did not show if the call was before or after.
    • Feature: Copy to clipboard shortcut added.
    • Scripts Fixed: When having more than one hook, each function call triggered HookEvents.OnCall more times than it should.
    • Feature: Parameter types and names are now displayed on the Output.

    Changes from version 0.9.9b to 1.0.0b

    Released on February of 2008
    • New Python tabbed console allows to handle hooks!
    • Python scripts can be loaded from files.
    • An initial Python script can be executed on every tab opened.
    • New Deviare Database Editor allows to expand the modules and functions database!
    • Breakpoint params browser: The return value and the error code are now editable.
    • Now SpyStudio can run with SeDebugPrivilege enabled or disabled.
    • Processes monitoring options are now combinable.
    • Select all (Ctrl + A) and Copy (Ctrl + C) options are now available for the output window.
    • 'Filters' concept changed to 'Actions'.
    • Database expanded: wininet.dll added and winternl.h functions of ntdll.dll added.
    • Fixed: Changing a parameter on the params browser made SpyStudio to crash.
    • Fixed: Trying to hook a function that was not in the database made SpyStudio to crash when closing.
    • Fixed: Changing the 'Default hook mode' option was not reflected on the output.

    Changes from version 0.9.3b to 0.9.9b

    Released on December of 2007
    • Achieved to hook every categorized function.
    • Added the capability to hook and wide hook entire categories of functions.
    • Fixed several bugs.
    • Significantly improved overall performance.
    • Significantly improved output display speed.

    Changes from version 0.9.1b to 0.9.3b

    Released on September of 2007
    • Added the capability to wide hook functions to intercept calls by every calling process.
    • Added process monitoring to automatically refresh the process list.
    • Performance improved.
    • Several fixes.