SpyStudio Compare traces: Solving issue on IE6 JP layer 'Navigate error'


After installing Internet Explorer 9 on the base. When the user tries to browse to any page the result is 'Invalid syntax error'.

Finding the problem

I did 2 traces: the first one with Internet Explorer 8 installed on the base and the second one with Internet Explorer 9. I've selected these groups:

Comparing traces

For this issue I'll keep only those calls from wininet.dll and urlmon.dll since they do all network staff. To keep only these calls use the filter (Ctrl-L):


Most issues are solved adding a class that is not registered. So, it's the first place to look. To expand all key differences we can use the context menu:

If I expand HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT key I get the following:

It's easy to see that there is mismatch (in bold) when IE tries to access {8f6b0360-b80d-11d0-a9b3-006097942311} key. When IE6 tries to access this registry key with IE8 on base it succeed. In contrast, with IE9 on base it failed.
To fix the issue I added this class to the layer in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Classes\Clsid.